British Museum Object Names Thesaurus

A Collections Data Management Section (CDMS) Working Party was set up in the 1980s to analyse the terms used to record object names in the British Museum, and to incorporate them into an on-line thesaurus. Hierarchical and other standard thesaural relationships were added, as well as explanatory notes where appropriate. The thesaurus architecture is based on ISO 2788.

Curatorial advice has been sought at all stages of the project, and a number of publications were consulted, which are listed in the bibliography. Members of the Working Party also contributed extensively to the Museum Documentation Association (mda) Terminology Working Group and to the mda Archaeological Objects Thesaurus Working Party. The initial entries were generated from the object name indexes to the databases, consisting of terms taken from a variety of documentary sources (such as registers, file cards and catalogues). Hence the terms in the thesaurus are not full descriptions of the objects; these are entered in the Description field.

The thesaurus reflects the nature of the British Museum collections, and was originally set up as an internal reference tool. Some areas of terminology may be more specific than others, depending on the level of documentation available, or the size of particular collections.

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Date created: 1999

Author: British Museum

Publisher: British Museum