Archaeological archive deposition policy for museums in Yorkshire and the Humber

This policy is designed to create a uniform region-wide approach to the preparation and deposition of archaeological archives. The document has been developed in partnership with museums throughout the Yorkshire and Humber region, local government archaeological officers, English Heritage, the University of York and a number of field archaeological units. It is the sector’s response to a review undertaken by Renaissance Yorkshire in 2010 on ways to improve the quality of archaeological archive deposition in museums.

This policy is presented in four sections:

  1. Introduction to the policy with details on the objectives for the introduction of a standardised policy
  2. A template of museum specific requirements that will allow each museum to enter the specific details that are unique to their organisational deposition procedure
  3. A policy framework that is proposed to be shared by all museums accepting archaeological archive
  4. Appendices as referred to in the body of the draft policy

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Date created: 2012

Author: Michael Turnpenny

Publisher: MLA Renaissance Yorkshire