Accession registers

Collections Trust supplies registers which are used by museum practitioners worldwide to manage museum collections. Accession registers support the Spectrum Acquisition and accessioning procedure (a Spectrum Primary Procedure). They are used to create a permanent record of accessions to the museum’s long term collections. You can buy these in our online shop.

An accession register is the permanent record of all objects which are, or have been, part of your museum’s permanent collections. It is the most important document in the museum’s documentation system. It acts as a formal list of the collections for which you are accountable.

A bound accession register is the most secure way of recording information for the following reasons:

  • Alterations are easily noted;
  • Bound pages cannot be removed easily;
  • It has a known and proven longevity;
  • You do not need electricity or a computer to access your information.

Accession registers can be customised by overprinting your museum’s name and address, or your desired wording, on the front cover and spine. They are on archival quality paper, strongly bound in dark brown board. They contain guidance notes on how to complete register entries.

Example of a completed Collections Trust accession register

Example of a completed accession register

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Date created: 2014

Author: Collections Trust

Publisher: Collections Trust