In the past, pest management in museums and other collection holding institutions often involved regular applications of toxic chemicals to collection areas and actual collections.

Health and safety concerns have led institutions to move away from this approach in favour of preventive and protective measures that are not based on chemicals. This strategy involves numerous measures used in combination and is commonly termed “integrated pest management” or IPM.

The website has been developed by the international Integrated Pest Management Group to provide information and resources for cultural heritage professionals. It presents information on invertebrate, vertebrate, and mold pests in museum, library, and archival collections as well as historic structures.

Content is organized into the following sections:

  • PREVENTION – Preventing access to pests
  • MONITORING – Monitoring pest populations
  • IDENTIFICATION – Identifying potential pest threats
  • SOLUTIONS- Treating outbreaks in the safest manner possible
  • RESOURCES – Additional resources pertaining to IPM
  • ABOUT US – explained

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Date created: 2011

Author: The Integrated Pest Management Working Group, (IPM-WG)

Publisher: The Integrated Pest Management Working Group, (IPM-WG)