Transfer of title forms: overprinted with customised address (300)


Our transfer of title forms can be customised by overprinting your museum’s name and address. Just tell us the wording you would like when you order.

The transfer of title form allows the museum to capture signatures, and record details about the legal ownership of the object and its transfer to the museum.

Each form is double-sided with further information on the reverse. Each form is in carbonless triplicate:

  • The top copy of the form (white) is filed in the museum’s transfer of title file.
  • The second copy (blue) is kept by the museum in the relevant object history file.
  • The third copy (yellow) is given to the owner or their representative as a receipt.

Size: A4

Quantity: Overprinted forms are sold in packs of 300, but are also available in packs of 400/500/600+. To order packs of more than 300 forms please call us on 020 7059 9750 or email

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Overprinted museum address

To have your forms overprinted with your museum’s name and address please enter the wording you would like us to print.