Spectrum 5.0 (procedures only)


Spectrum gives tried-and-tested advice on the things museums do when managing their collections. Some of these are daily activities, such as moving objects around. Others are occasional, like updating insurance cover. Spectrum calls these activities procedures and there are 21 of them. Of these, nine are the primary procedures. Accredited museums have to meet, or have a plan to achieve, the Spectrum standard for these nine.

This fifth edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect changing practice, such as the digitisation of collections. There is clearer advice on topics such as the difference between cataloguing and compiling an inventory, and the suggested procedures are given both as text and workflows.

You can buy this volume together with the appendix describing the information you are likely to need to record during the various procedures. It is cheaper to buy them together than each one separately. Buy the full Spectrum 5.0.

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ISBN 978-1-900642-24-8
218 pages
Published by Collections Trust
Edited by Kevin Gosling and Gordon McKenna

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