Spectrum 5.0 consultation deadline extended to end of May

SPECTRUM standard logoWe have been asked to extend the Spectrum 5.0 consultation period, and have put back the deadline for feedback to the end of May.

The consultation is now open until Wednesday 31May 2017, and we plan to publish the final version in the summer.

With the help of a number of working groups that have met online over the past year, we have made a number of changes to Spectrum. For a start, we hope it is easier to read. It should now be clearer which bits are ‘the standard’ and which are advisory, and we have brought all the primary procedures needed for Accreditation together at the beginning. Responding to widespread confusion about the Accreditation requirements for a basic inventory, we propose that the old Retrospective documentation primary procedure is replaced by a clearer Inventory procedure (if the Accreditation partners agree).

We have also brought back the Reproduction procedure that was in the very first edition, but was then rolled into Use of collections. Given the increasing importance of digital asset management, it seemed useful to bring Reproduction back as a procedure in its own right.

There is a new Collections review procedure too, but the total number of procedures remains at 21. We propose cutting Pre-entry and Transport and merging the really useful parts of those into Object entry and Location and movement control respectively.

Last year’s consultation revealed a fairly even split between people who liked the workflow diagrams of Spectrum 4.0, and those who preferred the step-by-step text of earlier editions. In Spectrum 5.0 we offer the suggested procedures in both formats.

We hope you like the changes. Please help us spread the word about the consultation draft, and let us have your feedback. If something is not as clear as it could be, please let us know.

Comments can be submitted online via the feedback form at the bottom of each procedure, or if you would prefer to email us, please send your comments to Gordon McKenna.