Collections Trust Award winner 2018 announced

Presenting the Collections Trust Award at the stern of SS Great Britain
The award-winner, judges, and Chair of Collections Trust by the SS Great Britain, Bristol (l-r: Rachael Rogers, Jennifer Jones, Mel Ruth Oakley, Hadrian Ellory-van Decker, Taniah Simpson)

Scottish Fisheries Museum has won the 2018 Collections Trust Award, which recognises the achievements of those who manage the collections at the heart of museums. The winning project was a review of the museum’s costume collection. Chair of Collections Trust, Hadrian Ellory-van Dekker, presented the award to Assistant Curator Mel Ruth Oakley at the recent CT conference in Bristol. Along with the award the Scottish Fisheries Museum receives a prize of £1,000 to go towards a collections management project.

This year’s award and conference shared the theme ‘Spectrum in action’. Entries to the award were judged on how effectively they demonstrated the Spectrum 5.0 collections management standard being put into practice. The judges praised the winning project for showing initiative and flexibility, particularly for incorporating Spectrum’s new Collections review procedure into the methodology as soon as it was published, half-way through the project.

Ipswich Museum and the Old Royal Naval College were both highly commended for their entries. The project from Ipswich Museum aimed to bring together information about the natural science collection in one place, and the Old Royal Naval College’s project established a collections management system.

All three of the winning and commended projects were praised for demonstrating the use of Spectrum as a practical tool for encouraging collections teams and helping them make the case for more resources for collections work.

Mel Ruth Oakley, Assistant Curator at Scottish Fisheries Museum, said “We are pleased to have won the Collections Trust Award 2018 for our project as it gives credit to our collections staff and the hard work which they undertake behind the scenes.”

Hadrian Ellory-van Decker, Chair of Collections Trust, said “Congratulations to the Scottish Fisheries Museum on an excellent project that impressed our judges and clearly demonstrated Spectrum in action. Congratulations also to Ipswich Museum and the Old Royal Naval College for their highly commended projects, and thank you to all those who submitted entries to the 2018 award.”

This year’s judges were Collections Trust board members Jennifer Jones (Loans Officer for the National Trust for Scotland’s Project Reveal), Rachael Rogers (Curator, Abergavenny Museum and Castle) and Taniah Simpson (Storage Project Officer: WCEC Storage Moves, British Museum).