British Museum creates collections skills training films

The British Museum have created a series of films to help museums become ‘loan-ready’. Part of the British Museum’s Collections Skills Training resources, the videos offer guidance on many aspects of the loans process; from researching collections before an initial request, through to how objects will be moved and stored after being on loan.

With funding from the HLF, the films aim to increase the skills and confidence that museums need in order to request loans of objects for exhibition more frequently. These skills would be relevant to museums wanting to borrow from the British Museum, and potentially from other national museums as well.

The Mendoza Review in 2017 reinforced the commitment of national museums to ensuring that people across the country have access to their collections, by working in partnership to share their objects and expertise more widely.

You can watch the British Museum Collections Skills Training films by following the links below:

Heavy object handling

An introduction to loans

Exhibition delivery part one: Project management and interpretation

Textile collections care

Researching your loan request

Framing prints and drawings

Mounting works on paper

Writing a loan request and the British Museums loans process

Exhibition delivery part two: Design accessibility and production