Updating your procedures while at home, or just looking for a refresher on Spectrum 5.0?  The Spectrum book club can help. It’s a simple format: read the relevant part of Spectrum beforehand, consider how you do things in your museum, then discuss it all with a group of others working on the same procedure.

See the listings below for the schedule. To keep the numbers manageable, you need to register for each session in advance, and we’re giving priority to staff and volunteers at UK Accredited museums, and those working towards Accreditation.

The sessions will be hosted via an online platform that should work with whatever browser you use, and without the need for you to install anything else.

Spectrum book club - Emergency planning for collections / Damage and loss

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In this Spectrum book club, we’ll be looking at two procedures: Emergency planning for collections and Damage and loss. It’s free and simple to join in: Registration for this session can closed. Preparation for attendees: Read the Spectrum 5.0 introduction Read what Spectrum has to say about Emergency planning for collections – including the standard and […]