Enriching Collections 1: Use It, Don’t Lose It – Banishing the Backlogs


You can’t use what you’ve got if you don’t know you’ve got it. Or where it is… or who owns it… MDNW and Collections Trust are holding this conference to showcase the work from the Banish the Backlogs programme we have jointly run since 2017. Over 20 museums have worked to tackle their documentation backlogs to enable them to make more of their collections, highlighting how tackling backlogs is a crucial core element of a museum’s function that underpins its ability to deliver on its purpose through the exhibitions, events, outreach and everything else the museum does.

As well as case studies from the Banish the Backlogs programme, other presentations include Dippy on tour, Sporting Heritage network and a worked example of how to use your collections to work with a new audience.

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This workshop will be delivered through our Arts Council England funded Outreach Programme, in collaboration with the Museum Development Network.