Banish the Backlogs 1: What is a backlog? Spectrum 5.0 Inventory

Museum Development North West logoIn this online session we will review the Spectrum 5.0 Inventory procedure, exploring the minimum level of information required to ensure accountability for your collection. We will look at how to prevent documentation problems, reconciling temporary numbers, and there will be opportunities to discuss your own procedure for Inventory. Please be aware that there is some preparation required for this session – see below.

Priority for this session will be given to staff and volunteers at Accredited museums, and those working towards, within the North West Museum Development region. Registration for this event has now closed.

The session will be hosted via an online platform that should work with whatever browser you use, and without the need for you to install anything else. To keep the audio as clear as possible we won’t use video, so we won’t judge you if you’re still in your dressing gown.


  • Read the Spectrum 5.0 introduction 
  • Read the Spectrum 5.0 Inventory procedure
  • Read the Spectrum 5.0 Documentation planning procedure
  • Familiarise yourself with your museum’s procedure for Inventory if possible – we appreciate that many of you will be working from home and might not have access to this.
  • Familiarise yourself with your museum’s documentation plan if possible, as above.

This workshop will be delivered in collaboration with Museum Development North West as part of the Banish the Backlog programme 2020-21.