Spectrum 101 – what is the Spectrum standard?

In our first Spectrum 101 session, we’ll be looking at what the Spectrum standard is and how it is used by museums. It’s free and simple to join in:

Registration for this session has now closed. Information for attendees:

    • Read the Spectrum 5.0 introduction
    • Think about how you do things in your museum, referring to your in-house procedural manual if you have access to it, although we appreciate you might not right now. You might also find it useful to have it with you to refer to during the session.
    • At the time of the session, follow the joining instructions we’ll send you when we confirm your registration. The session will be hosted via Zoom. Using your webcam is optional, so you don’t have to tidy up or dress to impress.
    • Confirmations will be sent out after the registration deadline, to allow us to prioritise attendance.