Fusion training: top marks

Fusion training consists of two half day sessions; one which deals with Collection Care and the other which deals with Collection Management:

Session 1: Improving your Documentation Procedural Manual

This session, led by Sarah Brown (Collections Trust), will explore what makes a good documentation procedural manual. Focusing on some of the Spectrum primary procedures, we will put your own manuals to the test and identify how they might be improved. Attendees are requested to bring along their organisation’s manual, to share and discuss during the session.

Session 2: Marking and Labelling

This session, led by Libby Finney, will look at why and how we mark and label museum collections. There will be a practical session where participants will practice marking a range of different objects and materials and plenty of hints and tips on how to make the process safe and straightforward.

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This workshop will be delivered through our Arts Council England funded Outreach Programme, in collaboration with the Museum Development Network.