Follow this link for information about the spoliation research being carried out in national and non-national institutions in the UK.

When museums and galleries are researching their collections to establish provenance of individual objects they:

  • Identify areas of their collection which do not require investigation. This will involve taking an overview of the collection to identify areas of the collection which are outside the scope of the research, e.g. ‘Items acquired before 1933’, ‘Objects created after 1945’ and ‘Objects in the archaeology collection of local origin’.
  • Identify areas of their collection which do require investigation, for example, ‘Fine Art – paintings acquired post 1933 and created pre-1945’ and ‘Furniture and fittings – acquired post 1933 and created before 1945’.
  • Create a plan which describes how the research is to be carried out.

If you are from a UK museum or gallery and need advice on creating a spoliation research plan, or publishing a spoliation report or records of potentially spoliated items, please contact Collections Trust.