The horse wrangler. Photo by Erwin E Smith. Library of Congress (public domain).Planning to put your objects online or switch to a new collections management system? Inconsistent data will almost certainly be a problem, even in the best-run museums.

Collections Trust are experts in cleaning messy collections data, with years of hard-won experience from large-scale projects. Now you can hire us to wrangle your museum’s records into shape.

First, we analyse a random sample of your records to assess the nature and scale of any problems. This takes 2-3 days, so we have to charge for it, but you’ll get a report on the steps we recommend, an estimate of how long the work would take, and a quote for how much we would charge if you wanted us to do it. (This would be useful to include in relevant funding bids.)

As well as cleaning your data, we can also deliver bespoke advice and training in order to keep it that way. Where data protection or copyright are an issue, we can bring in rights experts Naomi Korn Associates to offer a comprehensive, one-stop service.

If this sounds useful to your museum, please get in touch and let’s explore how we could help. Email or call us on 0207 059 9750.

Image: The horse wrangler. Photo by Erwin E Smith. Library of Congress. Public domain.