Moving library and archive collections


This leaflet gives guidance on best practice for conducting the move of a library or archive collection. It describes areas of the move where the collection may be at risk, and suggests how the risks may be minimised by good planning. Outlines for the specification of handling and packing criteria for contractors are provided.

Signposts factsheet 3 - Handling and Packing


Many artefacts appear to be more solid and robust than they are. A great deal of damage can be caused by inappropriate handling and moving. Museum objects can also be damaged by insufficient or inappropriate packing materials. This fact sheet offers guidance on the handling and packing of artefacts.

Packing museum objects


This guide provides an introduction to the packing of museum objects against accidental damage, pollutants and environment whilst in storage, or perhaps in order to move them within the museum building or for transportation.

Part of: Packing