This collection brings together blog posts related to working through documentation backlogs. To find out more about updating your inventory, take a look at the Spectrum procedure Inventory and related resources, and join in the conversation on Twitter with #BanishThatBacklog.

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The Banish the Backlog programme

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At Collections Trust we know that many museums struggle with a lack of basic inventory information, while others are confused about what they need to do to achieve Accreditation. Outreach Officer Sarah Brown explains Collections Trust’s programme to address this.

From mammoth task to mammoth tusk

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Ipswich Museum was a highly-commended runner-up for the 2018 Collections Trust Award. Here, Collections and Learning Curator Dr Kate Riddington explains how the museum streamlined what can often be the most time-consuming part of any inventory project: reconciling objects listed in stores against a range of existing documentation.

Tackling the digitisation backlog with volunteer power at the Museum of East Anglian Life

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Our ‘Banish the Backlog’ campaign has been focusing on the gaps in collection inventories, but museums face many other types of backlog. In this guest blog post Caitlin Peck, Curator at the Museum of East Anglian Life, tells us about their new initiative for getting up-to-date with digitisation. With seventeen historic buildings set in 75 […]

A busy year of outreach (2017/18)

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Funded by Arts Council England, Sarah Brown (our Outreach Officer) delivers support and guidance to museums across the English regions. After a busy year, we catch up with Sarah to find out more about her work. What subjects have you focused on over the past year? As always, rights management was a popular topic in […]