‘Learning is a core purpose for museums. They use collections and associated information for exhibitions and learning opportunities. The museum must:
3.3.1 exhibit the collections using a variety of interpretative methods
3.3.2 provide access to the collections and associated information for research purposes and other forms of engagement
3.3.3 provide effective and stimulating learning and discovery experiences focused on the collections.’

(Accreditation standard, October 2011)

Learning with museum objects


This publication provides information and support on working with objects. The first section of this book explores the background to working with objects. The second part provides a wide variety of games and ideas for museums to use.

Interpretation guidance


This guidance is designed to help organisations think about an application to HLF for a project which seeks to achieve the outcome: ‘heritage will be better interpreted and explained’. The good practice in the guidance is drawn from the experience of HLF-funded projects and many others.