‘That involves showing us:

  • an organisation chart that shows us all the people that work at the museum, including volunteers and paid staff, covering the front of house through to the governing body, and the relationships between them. If a separate organisation runs the museum, we need to see any approved agreements between that organisation and the governing body
  • who has the authority and responsibility to approve decisions. This might include decisions you delegate to sub-committees, staff or volunteers
  • clear agreements with your staff and volunteers setting out their roles and responsibilities
  • evidence that your governing body has access to museum professional advice’

(Accreditation standard, November 2018)

Accreditation mentors


Arts Council England has produced this resource to directly support museums to meet the Accreditation Standard. It is applicable to all independent museums across the UK and provides information and advice about the Museum Mentor scheme.

Volunteering development at Wakefield Museums


This resource describes a volunteering development project at Wakefield Museums. Wakefield Museums were undergoing a period of huge change with museums relocating and redeveloping, during which their work with volunteers was put on hold. In 2013, Museums Development Yorkshire offered support to develop a new volunteering programme.