‘The museum must plan effectively for long-term success and to make sure it can adapt in a changing environment in order to survive. Its approved forward plans must include or cover the following:

1.4.1 the museum’s statement of purpose
1.4.2 a review of the previous forward plan
1.4.3 an analysis of the environment in which it exists
1.4.4 consultation and an analysis of views
1.4.5 its key aims
1.4.6 the specific objectives beneath each key aim
1.4.7 how it will achieve its objectives
1.4.8 a resource plan showing the people and money available to meet its objectives
1.4.9 the date the plan will be reviewed.’

(Accreditation standard, October 2011)

Introducing the business model canvas


This guide is not specifically aligned to the Accreditation Standard; however, it provides an introduction to the business model canvas for cultural organisations and a visual, step-by-step guide to business planning which breaks the process down into many of the same elements as forward planning.

Business survival toolkit


This resource is not aligned to the Accreditation Standard, however the stages outlined in the toolkit will be useful for museums that are building on their forward plan and developing business plans. The resource has a wide reach across the cultural sector.

Successful business planning: AIM success guide


This guide is not specifically aligned to the Accreditation Standard, however it includes all the elements for a forward plan but with increased emphasis on business planning. It aims to build on a museum’s forward plan, taking museums through the process of business planning in logical steps.

Forward planning: a practical guide for museums


This practical guide is designed to win support for an organisation’s organisational purpose, to articulate its strategic priorities, and to set objectives and allocate resources to support them. It is directly linked to the Accreditation Standard and enables museums to develop effective, Accreditation compliant forward plans.

Effective forward planning


This template provides a forward planning structure for museums to follow, which matches the requirements of the Accreditation Standard. Each section of the template is supported with narrative examples and suggestions of how it can be applied.

Forward planning toolkit


This resource provides step-by-step guidance to help museums of any size develop a robust Forward Plan. The toolkit divides the planning process into 13 stages and focuses museums on understanding and participating in the process of developing the Forward Plan.