‘Your museum must be able to respond effectively to emergency or disaster situations. This means having an emergency plan. It should cover all buildings and sites that house collections and services, and should include:

  • arrangements for staff and volunteers, visitors, collections and collections information
  • a risk assessment of threats
  • how you authorise, maintain, communicate, and test your emergency plan, and how you share it with your staff and volunteers, and the emergency services
  • how your museum works with the emergency services, and any other relevant emergency plans
  • a priority salvage list – a record of any priority collections you would save first in an emergency
  • when you’ll review your emergency plan’

(Accreditation standard, November 2018)

Flood water ingress due to burst pipes


This case study explores how The Argory National Trust site managed a burst pipes and flood ingress emergency when, on 31 December 2010, a burst pipe in the attics flooded directly into the Archive room and spread to other areas of the house.