‘The primary Spectrum procedures are essential for managing collections effectively and making them accessible. You need to show that your museum follows these procedures or has a plan to do so. The primary Spectrum procedures are:

  • object entry
  • acquisition and accessioning
  • location and movement control
  • inventory
  • cataloguing
  • object exit
  • loans in (borrowing objects)
  • loans out (lending objects)
  • documentation planning

You’ll need to show us how you implement the primary Spectrum procedures and how you intend to develop your collection documentation with a written plan showing priorities and timescales.

If we ask, you’ll need to be able to show us your documentation procedures manual which should include step-by-step instructions for completing the primary Spectrum procedures at your museum.’

(Accreditation standard, November 2018)

Spectrum primary procedures


In Spectrum 5.0 there are nine primary procedures. These are the ones that most museums will use most of the time. UK museums wanting to meet the requirements of the Accreditation scheme will have to demonstrate that they meet, or have a plan to achieve, the Spectrum standard for all nine.