‘The museum must obtain expert security advice for stored and exhibited collections at least every five years, and earlier if needed. It must plan to act on the advice over time.’ (Accreditation standard, October 2011)

Threats to museum collections


This brief introduction to threats to museum collections places particular emphasis on some of the reasons for theft. This fact sheet is drawn from presentations at the security seminars funded by Arts Council England and hosted by the Collections Trust in 2012/2013, as part of the Building Capacity in Museum Security project.

Government Indemnity Scheme


The GIS allows the public access to objects within the UK which might not otherwise be available, by providing borrowers with an alternative to the considerable cost of commercial insurance. It means that a museum, gallery, archive or library can arrange to borrow objects from non-national institutions and private lenders and in the event of loss or damage, compensation will be paid to the owner by the Government.