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eHive is a web-based collection cataloguing system. It makes cataloguing and publishing of your collection easy and affordable.

Spectrum discussion - Loans in and Loans out

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Spectrum discussions are focussed on sharing practice between organisations and individuals. This is an opportunity to informally chat with sector colleagues about how your museum approaches a Spectrum procedure, get feedback, troubleshoot a scenario, and ask questions of each other. The topic for this discussion is Loans in and Loans out: Loans in – managing […]

Why can't we just use Google?

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Surely Google can help us find objects in collections across the UK’s museums? Chief Executive Kevin Gosling addresses a key question at the heart of the Collections Trust’s recent feasibility study for DCMS on mapping digitised collections.

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We are always happy to hear from you with collection management questions or enquiries about any aspect of our work. But, salespeople, please don’t bother us; our strict policy is to refuse cold sales calls and emails. By email Our general email address is office@collectionstrust.org.uk.  To email a particular person directly, please see the page […]

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Impact of Covid-19 on DCMS sectors

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Submission from Collections Trust to the DCMS Select Committee’s call for evidence on the impact of Covid-19 – a proposal for temporary protection of collections at risk when museums become insolvent

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Rationalisation, disposal and Buffalo Bill

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Gallery Oldham have been collecting and caring for varied objects, from historical items and artworks to natural history specimens, since 1883. In this guest blog post Gallery Oldham’s Collection Assistant, William Longshaw, tells us about an object that ‘came back from the brink’ during a recent collections rationalisation programme.

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Copyright and digital content


The growth of the internet has provided collection holders with more opportunities to digitise, adapt, publish and share material. However, the relative ease of reproducing resources with new media means that you need to be aware of the implications for your collections.