Managing and recording how your collections, including images and other reproductions of them, are used, whether by you or anyone else.

As well as the managing the use of original objects, the procedure also covers the use of images and other reproductions, when you will usually need the Rights management procedure too. You might also use this procedure together with Loans out (lending objects) to capture information about how your objects were used while out on loan.

The range of potential uses is very wide. Among others they include: exhibitions; publishing images online or in print; learning events; enquiries; research projects; operating working machinery; playing musical instruments; filming; and inspiring new work by artists.

The procedure is not a guide to planning exhibitions or other specific uses. Instead it helps you: assess and authorise proposed uses of your collections; record each individual use; and capture information created, such as exhibition text, research findings and user-generated content. It also cross-refers to the many other procedures you are likely to need before, during and after any kind of use.

Use of collections - the Spectrum standard


You should have a policy covering the use of collections (sometimes called a collections access policy). This should be compatible with your collection care policy, your collection information policy and your collection development policy – ideally as part of an integrated collections management framework. Either way, in deciding your policy you will most likely need […]

Use of collections - suggested procedure


You should have a written procedure that explains the steps to follow when managing the use of your collections. This suggested procedure, and the workflow based on it, are useful starting points. However you do it, your own procedure should meet the minimum requirements of the Spectrum standard. To see the workflow as PDF, follow […]