Use this procedure to recording when objects leave your museum for whatever reason. By ‘museum’ we include any off-site stores that are under your control. This can be as simple as an enquirer collecting an object they left for identification, in which case you might just need a further signature on the relevant object entry form to confirm safe handover. In more complex situations you will use Object exit as part of other procedures; in fact, any time objects leave your buildings, including objects you are disposing of.

This is a Spectrum primary procedure. UK museums must meet the standard set out below to fulfil the requirements of the Museum Accreditation Scheme.

Object exit - the Spectrum standard


You should have a policy covering the exit of objects from your buildings. This could either be a standalone document or part of a wider collections management policy. Either way, in deciding your policy you will most likely need to consider these questions: In what circumstances might objects leave the museum? Who can authorise objects […]

Object exit - suggested procedure


You should have a written procedure that explains the steps to follow when an object leaves your museum. This suggested procedure, and the workflow based on it, are useful starting points. However you do it, your own procedure should meet the minimum requirements of the Spectrum standard. To see the workflow as PDF, follow the […]