SPECTRUM 4.0 describes 21 collections management procedures in workflow format, along with the policies and minimum standard required to meet each procedure. These procedures are free to download; all we ask is that you agree to our licensing conditions. The standard itself is supported by a number of fact sheets that you can also find listed here under the SPECTRUM 4.0 procedures.

SPECTRUM is not software (and can be used with paper-based systems) but many of our commercial SPECTRUM Partners have developed systems that support some or all of the SPECTRUM procedures. We have validated some of these as SPECTRUM Compliant.

We are currently working on the next update - SPECTRUM 5.0 - and will launch this in June 2017. A full draft will be posted on this site in early March 2017. If you are new to SPECTRUM, we recommend that you start with version 5.0 when it becomes available.