The Spectrum Standard, v4.0

The Spectrum standard has been revised and republished several times since the first publication in 1994, with the publication of the most recent edition, Spectrum 4.0, in March 2011.

Spectrum 4.0 describes 21 collections management procedures in workflow format, along with the policies and minimum standard required to meet each procedure. The standard is free to download; all we ask is that you agree to our licensing conditions.

In addition to this complete document, you can view and download the individual procedures.  Spectrum 4.0 is supported by a number of fact sheets that you can also find listed under the Spectrum 4.0 procedures.

We are currently working on the next update – Spectrum 5.0 – and will launch this in summer 2017. A full draft was posted on this site in April 2017 for consultation.

Clicking the first link on this page will allow you to download Spectrum 4.0 as a PDF. Clicking the second link will allow you to download Spectrum 4.0 Appendix 1 as a PDF.

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Date created: 2016

Publisher: Collections Trust