Spectrum 5.0 – proposed changes to Units of information

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While carrying out any of the Spectrum procedures you will need to record various items of information. Spectrum describes these information requirements at two levels:

  • Units of information – the basic building blocks of information. Often (though not necessarily) these will correspond to the fields in collection management systems. Computerised systems that are Spectrum Compliant have a place for recording all the units of information you might need to record during all 21 procedures.
  • Information groups – these are sets of units of information, grouped together for convenience.

Clicking the link on this page will allow you to download a Word document that summarises the changes proposed to the units of information in Spectrum 5.0.


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  1. I downloaded the Units of Information Changes form, and find it confusing. What exactly replaces the Units starting ‘Exhibition’ etc.? It says by those listed below but no concordance. Am I missing something obvious?

    Thank you

  2. An initial, minor comment: I think ‘Collections review criteria’ should probably be called ‘Collections review criterion’ (singular) – it’d be better practice to have only one criterion at a time recorded in a single criterion / result / date row.

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