Spectrum 4.0: Object entry procedure

The Object entry procedure begins whenever an object enters the museum, or is collected to bring to the museum.

Making sure that the Object entry procedure works well in your museum will ensure that you are able to account for all objects entering your museum – this includes objects which are being considered as donations and objects which may only be in your care for a short time.

Object entry is a Spectrum Primary Procedure. This means that in order to meet the documentation requirements for the Museum Accreditation Scheme an organisation must maintain the Spectrum Minimum Standard for this procedure.

Who’s it for?

This resource will help you if your organisation receives deposits of items for your collection. Using this, you can establish the terms and conditions under which objects are being received for deposit. You should work your way through this procedure before you decide if you will acquire an item or return it to the depositor.

You may also find it useful to have object entry forms.

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Date created: 2011

Author: Alex Dawson, Susanna Hillhouse

Publisher: Collections Trust