Spectrum Advice: Location and movement control

This Spectrum Advice fact sheet explores how the Location and movement control procedure might work in your museum, and is aligned to the requirements of the Accreditation Scheme for Museums and Galleries in the UK.

Location and movement control is a Spectrum Primary Procedure, which means that it is an essential component of a workable and efficient museum Documentation System. Find out more about the Spectrum Standard.


What is the Spectrum Location and movement control procedure?

  • The location and movement control procedure and Accreditation
  • Why is the location and movement control procedure important?
  • When is the location and movement control procedure carried out?
  • Identifying and describing locations
  • What form should location and movement control records take?
  • What happens during the location and movement control procedure?
  • Glossary

This fact sheet was revised in 2015 to support the UK Accreditation Standard with funding from Arts Council England.

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Date created: 2015