Beat the backlog, part 1

Accredited museums must have a plan to resolve their documentation backlogs (requirement 2.5). As well as best practice, documentation planning helps museums improve and enhance their records and focus resources, so that their collections can contribute to different engagement activities.  However we know that museums sometimes find this requirement confusing, for example what counts as a documentation backlog for Accreditation?  A strategic aim for Collections Trust is to ‘…work in partnership with other sector bodies to reduce significantly the number of UK museums without an appropriate inventory of their holdings.’  The improved Inventory procedure in Spectrum 5.0 has been developed to help museums identify and resolve their backlogs, making the requirements for Accreditation much clearer.

In our first workshop, 28th November, Sarah will introduce the new Spectrum 5.0 Inventory and Documentation Planning procedures, and explore the minimum level of inventory information needed for each object (or group of objects), to ensure accountability. This minimum information helps museums mitigate risks, including security, ethical and legal risks.  Together we will identify priorities and actions for each organisation. The group will come back together on 27th February 2017 to discuss progress, share lessons learnt and next steps.  Support will be available from Sarah between the two sessions.

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This workshop will be delivered through our Arts Council England funded Outreach Programme, in collaboration with the Museum Development Network.