• During acquisition, organisations must practice due diligence by:
    • Understanding all ethical and legal responsibilities.
    • Following up all lines of enquiry to establish the ownership and history of the object.
    • Keeping an audit trail of all enquiries and object documentation.
  • In addition public sector organisations must practice due diligence by:
    • Following sector standards for acquisition, including SPECTRUM, Pre-entry Procedure, Object Entry Procedure and Acquisition Procedure, and have appropriate policies in place.
  • If you have any suspicions about an object and you believe a criminal offence has been committed, you should report it to the Customs Hotline.

Customs, Excise and VAT fraud reporting


Any individual working with cultural heritage in public or commercial organisations has an ethical and legal duty to buy and sell cultural property honestly. In cultural heritage organisations, acquisition will be through purchase, donation or bequest and in commercial organisations acquisition will be through purchase. If you have any suspicions about an object and you […]

Spectrum 4.0: Acquisition procedure


The Acquisition procedure involves documenting and managing the addition of objects and associated information to the collections of the organisation and their possible accession to the permanent collections. It ensures the completion of transfer of title to the museum, and links the new acquisition into the Museums Documentation System. It a requirement of Accreditation that […]