‘The museum must have an approved policy statement to guide its approach to collections care and conservation.’ (Accreditation standard, October 2011)

PAS 198: Specification for managing environmental conditions for cultural collections


Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 198 defines a risk based approach to managing the museum environment with reference to the needs of the collection, intended use, expected lifetime and energy economy. An overview of PAS 198 is given in this press release from March 2012. PAS 198 contains the following sections which pull together the most […]

Risk Awareness Profiling Tool (RAPT)


RAPT is an online tool, developed by Birmingham Museums Trust,┬áthat enables managers in museum, library or other heritage organisations, to assess their level of risk awareness in their organisation. It provides a profile that indicates areas where awareness in the organisation is good, and areas where improvement is needed.┬áRAPT also provides guidance to help develop […]